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Business Locksmith Services in Plano, TX

1st Quality Lock & Key specializes in residential and commercial locks, as well as combination locks in Plano, Texas.
It’s important to change your locks after you move into a new home, after a burglary, or after a roommate moves out. It’s also a good idea to update your locks if your locks are old and you’d prefer the latest, securest option.

Just like updating your residential locks, updating your business locks in Dallas, TX, can enhance your security and prevent you from losing revenue.

If it’s time to update the locks on your home or business, turn to those who know the most about locks and keys. 1st Quality Lock & Key is here to update your locks with the highest quality options from the most respected brands.
We Know Locks and Keys
You can count on us to do jobs of any size. We can install new lock systems to apartments, condos, and houses throughout the Frisco, TX, area.

Our high level of service and our competitive prices have kept us in business since 1979. We look forward to meeting your needs and keeping you, your family, and your employees safe.

Call 1st Quality Lock & Key today for the lock service you’ve been waiting for.
A Wide Range of Lock Options
We offer many different commercial and residential locks in Frisco, TX, from top brands like Kwikset, Baldwin, and Schlage. For improved security, we also offer combination locks, which can have one code or multiple codes. We can also provide an extra layer of security with padlocks.

For the maximum level of security, we can install high-security locks in Dallas, TX. These locks are resistant to all common break-in methods, including drilling and picking. We even offer police-approved deadbolts, including keyless deadbolts.

You can also turn to us to make locks and keys for your desks, cabinets, and file cabinets. Whether your desk lock is broken, you need a security bar for your file cabinets, or you need a replacement key, we can do it all. Our brands and services include:
Residential Locks
  • Kwikset™
  • Schlage™
  • Weslock™
  • Baldwin™
Tip: When replacing a lock on your home, you should get the same brand locks as the rest of your house so your new lock can be keyed to your house key. For the best security on all outside doors, you should have a dead bolt lock on it. Also, the strike plate on the door jamb should be installed with two - three inch screws. This provides extra strength for a forced entry.
Commercial Locks
  • Alarm™ Lock
  • Detex™
  • Corbin Russwin™
  • Falcon™
  • LSDA™
  • Marks™ USA
  • Monarch™
  • Sargent™
  • Schlage™
  • Simplex™
  • Uscan™
  • Von Duprin™
  • Yale™
Tip: Locks Have Three Ratings: Grade 1 = Heavy Duty Commercial, Grade 2 = Median Duty, Light Commercial, and Residential, Grade 3 = Residential. Most all commercial hardware is available in Grade One and Two.
Combination Locks
  • Alarm Lock™
  • Marks™
  • Simplex™
  • Schlage™
Tip: Combo locks can have just one code to open them or multiple codes; some can have hundreds of codes. Some can have audit trails showing when code users come and go. Perfect for high traffic doors that need to remain locked where employees don't have to carry keys to come and go.
Door Closers
  • Norton™
  • LCN™
Tip: If your door is slamming it could be adjusted. Some closers can need adjustment due to temperature changes. They are hydraulic and contain oil. If you notice one leaking or if oil is on the closer, it is time to replace it.
Office Furniture & File Cabinets
  • Make Keys to Desks & File Cabinets
  • Replace Broken Locks on File Cabinets
  • Install Cabinet Locks on Wooden Cabinets
  • Add Security Bars to File Cabinets
Tip: Most office furniture and file cabinets have code numbers on the locks. The number is located near the keyhole. If you bring this number to a locksmith, he (in most cases) can cut you a key from this number.
  • Abus™
  • American™
  • Master™

Tip: Did you know that you could have a padlock that works with your house key, or your commercial office key? Also, you can get padlocks keyed alike, or keyed differently, or rekeyable. You can get two or three different sizes of padlocks all keyed alike.
High Security Locks
  • ASSA™
  • Mul-T-Lock™
  • Medeco™
  • Keymark™
Tip: High security locks provide key control along with bump resistant and or pick resistant key cylinders. They have drill resistant steel in the lock to prevent drilling. These locks are used in both commercial and residential applications.