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When you have important documents, photos, or expensive jewelry you wish to keep safe find the solution at 1st Quality Lock & Key. We offer fire and burglary resistant safes in Plano, Texas.

1st Quality Lock & Key Carries Many Top Quality Name Brand Items

Floor Safe
AMSEC floor safes offer an affordable alternative to large free-standing safes, with the added protection of being hidden in the floor. When properly installed in concrete, AMSEC floor safes provide excellent fire and burglary protection, and come in a wide variety of designs.
Fire Resistant Safes
Fire strikes one American home approximately every fifty seconds. Storing your documents in an AMSEC fire safe is the best protection money can buy. The new premium fire safes carry the U.L. class 350° two-hour fire and impact rating, keeping valuables safe from temperatures up to 1850° and disastrous falls from a three-story burning building.
Fire & Burglary Resistant Safes
The BF series safes carry both the U.L. class 350° one-hour rating, keeping valuables safe from temperatures up to 1700°, and the RSC residential security container burglary rating.
Brands: • Amsec™ • Guardall™ • CSS™
There are safes for needs. Such as, we have fire safes to protect contents from fire. Burglar safes come in many different ratings such as B, C, TLS, TL#) to name a few. There are drop safes so money can be put in the safe without knowing the combo. There are floor safes installed in the floor so they are out of sight.